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Good Morning friends,

Entrepreneur has the power to support an economy,breed a culture identity and mold a country. By involving citizens thought entrepreneurial endeavors, the country utilizes its most abundant and innovative resource, the individual mind.

However, so many of the word’s countries fail to meet the entrepreneurial chanllenge, including Brazil.

Despite its status as South America’s leading economic power, Brazil remains an unrealized potential. Its a large population that seeks entrepreneurial opportinities and an innovative telecommunications.


The country’s failure to completely utilize the economic potential of its citizens has left the economy vulnerable to continued damage from unequal income distribution. Brazilian entrepreneurs have the unique characteristic among such large and relatively wealthy countries of being  necessity entrepreneurs”. 



Brazil understands the importance and usefulness of supporting entrepreneur. Their governement initiatives parallel the major issues challenging the country’s entrepreneurial success and preliminary indicators show at least tangible economic benefits from the increased  “support of small businesses“.

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Written by forachance

28 July 2008 at 9:06

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