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Different cultures of dancing

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Good Morning friends,

Do you like to dance? Nowadays we will learn Indian, African … dances.

The Indian dance like “Bollywood” is one revolution in our present days. Bollywood is a live dancing extravaganza that captures the essence of Indian in a world of thecni-colour brilliance.

Dance in India covers a wide of dances,from the ancient classical to modern styles.The presentation of Indian dance styles in film, Bollywood has exposed the range of dance to a Global audience.

The impact the different cultures of dancing have been big, companies like Coca-Cola have been producing the excellent advertising with this dancing and inspire in this subject.

New dances are news ways to express, to feel one new culture finally is the exchange of feelings between differents cores .

Nice Monday,



Written by forachance

11 August 2008 at 9:02

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  1. At the beginning you say that ”now we will learn indian,african,… dances.”
    But there is information just about indian dance…What about the others!

    Tanay Gunes

    14 August 2008 at 9:54

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