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Football in Africa

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Good Morning friends,

Today we will speaking about the football in Africa, do you think that there is a lots passion for this sport?

Football in Africa is followed passionately from Morocco on down to South Africa. You will know when an important football match is being played in Africa because the country you are visiting will literally come to a standstill. Everywhere you to in Africa you’ll see young boys kicking around a football.

Sometimes the ball will be made of plastic bags with string wrapped around it,sometimes it will be made of crumpled up paper but the most important is “playing and playing – enjoying”.

Occasionally comes the famous players as Samuel Eto’s is a Cameroonian football striker who currently plays of Spanish club FC Barcelona. Eto’o to open football Academies, he has built the Foundation Samuel’s Eto in the city of Krity (Cameroon). The football academy is the biggest project of the Foundation, designed to unearth a new generation of Cameroon players.

” Maybe the most important is not have the best sportives areas or the best ball as have the best illusion or the best spirit of  overcoming”

Nice day,



Written by forachance

13 August 2008 at 9:02

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  1. Till now I did not know about football in Africa…(how they play,where they play,who are the footballers all around the world from Africa…).I get some information about these thanks a lot…

    Tanay Gunes

    14 August 2008 at 9:37

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