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Amadou Diao returned Beijing Olympics

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Good Morning friends,

How are you today? In this cloudy morning I want to inform you about the history Amadou Diao in Beijing Olympics 2008.

What happened with the history of the banner that Amadou Diao deployed at the opening of Beijing 2008 Olympics?

All he can say is that he has been heard by the leaders of Senegal under the coordination meetings. Everyone took action, enjoying or condemning the chest.

He thought it was a message the need to bring “Friendship first, competition then” and that it fell within the Olympic movement. So he didn’t think it could interfere with the Senegalese National Olympic Committee, nor indeed the CIO.

He still remembered for a long time Beijing 2008. As well as the first Senegalese athletes entered in contention in these competitions.

Amadeu Diao , the national technical director of athletics Senegal, returned rather than planned in Beijing. His only crime was to have brandished a banner that could read:

“Friendship first , competition second”. And   this day of the opening of the Olympics.  An offence in the eyes of members of the International Olympic Committee (CIO) which won him his expulsion from Beijing.

Nice day ,





Written by forachance

22 August 2008 at 8:07

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