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Strategy Hugo Chávez in Africa

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Good Morning Friends,

Venezuela is close to Africa, the government of Venezuela is launching a major diplomatic offensive to strengthen relations with the African continent.

With the two-day official visit that President Hugo Chávez is making the African nation South Africa reported that the two countries signed agreements in various sectors of oil and gas.

Venezuela is the third Latin American country with a greater presence in Africa, in its ten years of government; Chavez has been cultivating relations with the continent, part of foreign policy “multirateral” which deals with Venezuelan counter the dominant global presence of the EE.UU.

 The largest relative political stability on the African continent and economic growth increase the attractiveness of these countries as producers of raw materials and as recipients of foreign investment.

That is why countries like Brazil, India, China and U.S. are trying to position themselves in a continent with enormous potential for economic development.


“Africa has always been of interest Venezuelan


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Written by forachance

9 September 2008 at 7:53

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