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Good Morning friends,

With the first coffee of the morning I want to inform you of event Global Entrepreneurship Week, which will take place around the world  between 17 and Nov.23.

 It is a world wide event in which countries all around the world host events to promote entrepreneurship amongst the youth. 

It will be held for the first time in Spain, organized by IESE and the addition of twelve institutions to support entrepreneurial. This  global initiative to help young entrepreneurs to connect with business activities in order to create value for its own local economies and communities.

This week consists of carrying out numerous activities to support entrepreneurial initiative through investment forums, seminars, conferences and educational programs for youths.

Little by little, one travels far” JRR Tolkien
Best regards,




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  1. Thank you for this post supporting Global Entrepreneurship Week. I hope it will inspire young entrepreneurs to pick up the challenge and get an idea moving forward.

    Over the past month, I have been looking for ways to bring attention to Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is an effort to promote entrepreneurship as a career for young people in more than 60 countries around the world. I have been collecting the best of posts on entrepreneurship that I can find and consolidating them through links on a web directory.

    I hope this event will bring a focus that will create millions more young people who take on the challenge of changing the world.

    Shallie Bey
    Smarter Small Business Blog

    Shallie Bey

    5 October 2008 at 21:44

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