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Good Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee of the morning I was thinking about all the new entrepreneurs who have  borrow money from family or friends to start with his new business.

 An idea and  willingness to work hard the problems may begin to obtain financing and the question goes  “Dad, can I borrow money?”

If  there are financial problems is not the same deal with the bank with the family, many families have been broken because of unpaid loans, bad management or distributions considered unfair. The problem with this type of loan is not talking only of money but of feelings too.

But as we can avoid these conflicts: the loan should always be formalized in a document that guarantees the transparency of the operation and must adapt to the circumstances of each particular claim and to avoid misunderstanding, informed the rest of the family as soon as possible any unexpected with the same rigor than as a stranger.


Own resources are the most used by young entrepreneurs in the creation of an enterprise.


It considers the investor familiar as an investor not familiar”

Best regards,



Written by forachance

10 October 2008 at 8:44

Posted in Economy / Business

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