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Good Morning friends,

How are you? Why do some people succeed and others do not?

Many entrepreneurs and future businessman have good ideas that could become business,but are unaware of the skills to become a reality.

Some of the barriers faced on a daily basis are the absense of an entrepreneurial culture,the dearth of models,lack of organization an limited access to networks.

The venture is an attitude towards life, an although it did not state whether the entrepreneur is born or done,the environment,the exposition of ideas,have at hand an entrepreneurial culture,know the success stories conductive to entrepreneurship training for entrepreneurs.

The actions developed in the environment should be stimulating and should reduce the punishments for those entrepreneurs who have not been able to succeed.

To become an entrepreneur requieres not only have good ideas,is also requiered to have skills in leadership and team who are capable of bringing the ideas intro practice and take risks.

The venture will be the engine of economic development in the coming years”

Best regards,



Written by forachance

20 November 2008 at 9:44

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