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Promotional marketing for Christmas

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee in the morning ..

In an economic situation like the present it is difficult to make provisions for sales, in times of crisis such as promoting.

It is essential to know the characteristics of the costumer today, and using sales promotions as a resource for marketing.

The so-called promotional marketing encompasses a series of actions that have a common characteristic: the sum of an additional stimulus to the product, and a prioritty objective, the activity of the sales or the expected response.

The promotional marketing public has two clear: The ultimate consumer and the dealer ideas for promotions.

Ideas for promotions….

  • Promotions economic: Discounts, special offers and lots of others products.
  • Promotions gift added: Accumulation of points, labels ans so on.
  • Shares in retail outlet: Facilitating contact with the buyer and allow you with information and advice.
  • Shares in other points: Taking advantage of their presence in places of recreation, leisure, entertainment and so on.

Which promotion campaign have you thought for the Christmas?

Best regards,


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  1. Press this link for better informations about new chirtmas offers
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    5 December 2008 at 7:44

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