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Business: The user participation in the business web success

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newsfeed_rssGood Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning ..

To all the entrepreneurs of the Internet to all who have a platform for business!

Those who want to seize opportunities must understand that in the business of the network, the key will be in the ability to encourage participation.

Many entrepreneurs can be helped through the books of  Henry Jenkins, will have the opportunity to meet one of the most authoritative voices on a global state of  Web as a virtual platform.

He is tha author or editor of more than a dozen books, among which “Convergence Culture”

For decades the principal organs of industry,  mass consumption and mass media operated together in relative harmony. Now,  digitization is enabling the creation of new business opportunities. And what has been seen so far is only the beginning.

The success of a new company on the web go to adapt to change.

Best regards,



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