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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning …

After a few days away I come with force and energy to continue my work in the blog and learn more ideas and comments in the entrepreneurial world.

This year I want to start talking about David Bornstein and his books.

Bornstein graduated in Commerce at McGill  University in Montreal, Canada and has a Master of Arts from the University of New York.

Bornstein’s first book “The price of a Dream: The story of the Grameen Bank”

David Bornstein is the author of ” How to Change the World: Social entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas (Oxford University Press) “, which was described by The New York Times as required reading for anyone interested in building a more equitable world and stable.

The book recounts the work of social entrepreneurs in Brazil, India, South Africa, Hungary, Poland and the United States. Recently,  the book and is now available for the first time in the pocket edition.

” A wonderfully hopeful and enlightening book. The stories of these social entrepreneurs inspire and encourage many people to build a better world” Nelson Mandela.

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