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Sites in the history of  incubators in Brazil for the people want to undertake. An incubator is a proyect or enterprise that aims at the creation or development of small or micro enterprises and supporting them in their earliest stages of life.

The incubator is the most suitable environment for the emergence of healthy companies. The failure of some companies is that they do not have enough information when they begin their journey. In this regard, the incubator provides the appropriate medium. Even offers space, plus  a number of escort services and training.

The main task of an incubator is to develop and strengthen entrepreneurship. In 1998, incubators are doubled, the growth is due to the support extended by the Sebrae (Brazilian Service to Support Micro and Small Enterprises) . This service, beginning in 1998, began to have specific programs to support new incubators.

The number of incubators in Brazil in 2005 was 283. (Dates based on an interview with Sheila Oliveira Pires, executive director of ANTROPEC. (National Association of entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises)

A listing of some of the incubator for entrepreneurs (data from Universia) .

Incubation company support to entrepreneurs

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13 January 2009 at 11:37

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