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The importance of creativity in your business

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning …

There are many people , including CEO who think that creativity is scarce in humans.

But everyone is creative in some degree, usually in jobs do no have opportunities to develop the creativity of employees and increasing lack of time etc…

There is no doubt that some people are more creative that others, but many companies are not concerned to leave space for creativity and get their full potential.

Normally you create  R+D department is but a small part of the company, ideally in an enterprise is to enhance the creativity in all individuals to obtain great results.

Books about creativity:

MIHALKO, MICHAEL: “Thinkertoys. How to Develop Creativity in Business”

BARKER, A.: “… for 30 minutes brainstorming”

KASTIKA, E. “disorganization creative, innovative organization,”
RAY, M. y MYERS, R.: “Creativity in Business”
THOMPSON, C. “Chic”: “The big idea”

Best regards,


Written by forachance

20 January 2009 at 13:49

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