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Development Marketplace for entrepreneurs around the world

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning …

For the  entrerpreneurs with fewer resources is one opportunity the development Marketplace, it is global competition in which there are winners that take some prizes that will develop your project.

The world’s development is an initiative of the World Bank to promote innovative ideas and commnunity solutions.

It is a program of competitive grants administered by the World Bank and supported by various partners that identifies  projects in their early stages and have great potential for positive impact on development.

The  world’s development in 2008 was a gift that is carried out in collaboration with the team for agriculture and rural development, in which there were 16 winners  from Latin America, Caribbean, East Asia, Pacific, Africa South of the Sahara , South Asia, India Mexico, Ecuador and Vietnam.

The next proposals will be announced in February . For more information on the competition website

Develop Marketplace is a resource to enable the development of your business plan

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