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Achieving a balance between countries?

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Good Morning friends,

With my fist coffee in the afternon …

I question me as the world could be solved and in this subject  there is more than one book that have been written as solve the world and as we could reach a level of global sustainable development?

That means that people will have basic needs : Food,housing, employment, health services, education and security.

What may be the solution to the world balance?

Trade and create an economy in this country related to the creation of wealth. I wonder how  would be able to create wealth in the poor countries.

Different entrepreneurs with a business idea, people capable of leading a community without resources. How could we  help each other, how could help people with ability to who need it the most?

The new entrepreneurs the poor countries could be the future of these commnunities with fewer resources.

What is your opinion on how we can create wealth in poor countries?

Best regards,


Written by forachance

16 February 2009 at 16:59