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Africa mysterious …. Invest in Africa?

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee in the morning …

Have your ever thought of  investing in China? They do not know what they are lost . Some say that the black continent is the future of China …

Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda famines, civil wars, humanitarian disasters, coups d’etat …for decades, there were the images of Africa for export… We can not surprising that Western investors have avoided putting their capital in risky destination.

But something seems to be changing, we must contrast the myths with reality to know what is truth in all this .

There is a conference  was organized by the Wharton School of  Business entitled Wharton – Unveiling the Value Demystifying the Risk , it was  very interesting confrontation treated the myths of the African reality to see what’s true in all these mental images that the West was formed on lands of  Kofi Annan, Nelson Mandela .

For decades the African continent has been far from the international area, but new winds blowing to the African continent …smell business opportunities are no longer alone in the holdings of natural resources, is now also the technology.

If you’are looking for business opportunities might not be a bad idea to think  in Africa continent.

Best regards,


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12 December 2008 at 10:16

Google: Maps Street View

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Good Morning friends,

How are you today? Do you know Google Maps Street View? The new star-up of Google, adding the prospect of “walking down the street“to its mapping service.

The user can explore the city neighborhoods through virtual images that rotate 360 degrees to walk the streets,giving, the impression that travels on foot.

At the moment is only available to certain cities,will add more cities soon.

It is really good and I think it might be interesting for business opportunities on it, or can help to see that  aspects of the shops that are found in others cities.

Do not forget that a year left Side Street in Windows Live Local, but at first glance I think Google has won in points.

Walking through diffrents cities from the couch at home

Best regards,


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30 October 2008 at 10:03

Latin America: Microsoft expands business opportunities

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Good Morning friends,


How is this Monday morning? With my coffee was reading news from Microsoft and called my attention to the expansion in Latin America of Microsoft which will open up new business opportunities to partners and customers.


Microsoft continues to innovate and create more business solutions to its partners and customers in Latin America.

According to Microsoft the scene of the industry is evolving and with this growth are doing their business partners. They are providing their customers greater expertise in vertical solutions, geography and business.


Latin America compared to other regions of the world has risen to sixth to fourth level in terms of business opportunities between customers and partners of Microsoft.


Doubling the number of solutions published in the tool “solutions Finders” and 596% increase in the connections between customers and partners through this tool.


 Microsoft to grow in Latin America,


Best regards,




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6 October 2008 at 7:54

Business Opportunities- Africa

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Good Morning Friends,

Are there business opportunities in Africa?


There is a growing interest in the African continent and their expectations of business. Undertake a business in Africa is not easy, because we must know the risks and the market.


The significant growth of African economies in recent years (an annual average of 6.5%), has aroused a genuine interest in the African continent globally.


There have never been so many summits on the African continent as in the past five years.

It has triggered a real “africamania” which is explained by the vast wealth of the African continent in raw materials essential to sustaining global growth.


But it is mainly in the business environment so that triggered the volume of direct investments in many African countries.

A country such as Ghana for example that appears in the Doing Business 2008 World Bank, as a third country (worldwide) that has improved its ability to attract investment.


“Complex  and profound changes of international situation and the advance globalization”


Nice day