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Entrepreneurs in evolution (Mexico)

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Trends Entrepreneurial AC , nonprofit organization that conducts various activities to promote entrepreneurial development.

Entrepreneurs in evolution ( Mexico) is a group of businessman , entrepreneurs and professionals in various knowledge,experience, networks and projects to facilitate the achievement of our goals together, creating innovative business models to allow internal and external activities .

The president Paulo Cesar Ramirez  is responsible for the presentation of the book Developing entrepreneurial skills and attitudes enterprising young man who has integrated into a single model of human development, economic, environmental, social, technological entrepreneurs to form successful.

The entrepreneur should not have a lonely path.

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Innovation, entrepreneurs driving India

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“India is creating policies to encourage the businessman and entrepreneurs”

Mumbai: The National Knowledge Commission, (NKC), high-level advisory body, has said that the innovation and entrepreneurship are the driving forces of the India‘s for its growth.

Primer Minister Manmohan Singh is creating a series of policies for  encouraging entrepreneurship and enterprise of the country.

The National Commission through of the study realized to entrepreneurs for learning about the needs in the country has called for the improvement of Education Training (FP) through training and testing in writing as the highest priority to learn the language perfectly English.

The recommendations are develop through handbooks on entrepreneurship, helps of access the initial financing and search of secondary markets for smaller companies.

Others suggestions include the creation of a uniform law for research financed by public funds and encouraging research and entrepreneurship departments on college campuses.

“The India growth through innovation”

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