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Latinoamerica point of hydrocarbons

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Good Morning friends,

Latinoamerica,oil,gas etc…

How are you today? With my first coffee of the morning in the middle of the Amazon  I was thinking…

The oil industry is coming to the tropical Andes, the attention of the media falls on the felling of trees, crops, livestock and threatening the Brazilian Amazon.However the las threats by oil companies and gas reach the eastern slopes of the Andes.

In Peru and Ecuador the oil has penetrated into public institucions become a serious problem.Nice Peruvian rainforests are now areas of oil and gas,while much of the Ecuatorian Amazon is on auction.

The constant threats to the Brazilian Amazon jungle and the meeting point hydracarbons in the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains and adjacent Amazonian lowlands of Colombia, Peru and Bolivia are already a reality.

Social, environmental and political problems along the Amazon rainforest.

While the end of the world is tomorrow, today plan apple trees in my garden .(Lutero)

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24 November 2008 at 9:58

Where to Invest in 2009?

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Good Morning Friends,

Investing abroad? Yes, but in which countries, this depends on many factors but the fact that the new emerging countries will lead the integration of more than 2500 million people of the global economic.

There are experts who do not hesitate to draw big four countries: Brazil, China, India and Russia as the four paradises in which foreign capital is extremely important advantages for investing. There are also four countries that are known to be key players in globalization.


Countries which have taken significant steps to improve their attractiveness for investors are Colombia, Costa Rica, Ghana, Mozambique and Vietnam, prices are rising but are still many opportunities.


The case of India a country with an unprecedented momentum of growth, which presents a very favorable factors.
Sound macroeconomic policies
– Concern for access to credit
– Fight active government against poverty
– High investment in education.

Overall investment in that country will you invest?

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