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Who helps you undertake?

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? Grants,advice,training…..

For those of you are thinking of undertaking and not know where to start first thing you should look for is advice to help you do your business plan and see the failures of your proyect.

Prepare a detailed business plan or the overall purpose of the company.It is a commercial representation of the model to follow.

On the Internet you can find definitions and examples of business plans which help you to have a major notion that you must take into account and you need to be able to develop this.

Then you will have to seek funding to find more suitable can be through partners,investors,microcredit etc..

It is not an issue that your idea is good or bad,but workable, if you have a letter of introduction or a certificate from an institucion it will help the entrepreneur, is important because it will bring more security to the proyect, feasibility and experience that saves mistakes.

“I’m going to do as an entrepreneur a good business plan the most detailed and accurate as possible to get easily support training,advisory, financing etc. ..”

Best regards,