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Business: As have a profitable web

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? Actually almost all businesses have a website but as it’s possible that your site have a success.

It is a very powerful tool and it not costs money,the design should be simple and have the content right and necessary.

Simplicity,good content and make relationships with other sites is all you need . Being in the network is useless if it does not show up in searches of you potential customers, you have to make you notice, there are two forms or paying or you get natural position.

How do you get natural positioning? The first thing to think about a web page of a business must conform to some standards of the market,which have been defined by an institucion that works with Google and other search engines and that is what allows you to these search engines and that is what allows you to these search engines to index or not you indexed.Therefore, the first advice for any entrepreneur is to assure that the professional who will make the website use this code.

The content of the web must be oriented to achieve a better positioning in search engines in addition to informing you customers about your business. Remember that search engines do not reward the most creative pages,but those with more useful information for users and those that are most popular among other sites.

The most common mistakes that usually have : no visible buttons, has many PDF  which cuts the navegation,  indroduce many windows user and may have the appearance of advertising.

Ideas of content that can put in your web : tips on products,videos to explain, you can create commnunities or forums for people interested shared interests. Holders PDF if you need to provide some documentation,you can enter the newsletter that is a good way for customers who require an update.

The importance of a well-made website in business

Best regards,


Written by forachance

29 October 2008 at 9:35

Design of ciberbusiness

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Good morning friends,


Taking the first coffee of the morning, I reflected on the importance of creativity in your site, the art of achieving an attractive visual of the page web, since the Internet is a medium where the surfer can change easily from page in a second with a single “click”.


The creativity on the Internet is important, companies are becoming more aware of the importance of caring and develop its website. You should feel comfortable, to enjoy and to find  what you expect. So are as important content, such as navigation and  interactivity.


Some companies choose for the creativity of colors, music, others to create a story around the brand or image, others for interactive content (spaces multimedia, games, etc.) others creative winks etc..

The art of creating designs websites attractive and comfortable lead you to achieve greater success.

“The art of creating designs websites attractive and comfortable lead you to achieve greater success”


Best regards,

Mireya Garcia

Written by forachance

22 September 2008 at 8:48