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Entrepreneurs, join synergies for the production

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee of the morning I was thinking about how to generate jobs for young people.

Create employment for people who have completed studies,medium and large companies have not job ,not offer enough to catch all the people who have a university degree, the economy  need to give a small cores interactive that work well.

We must not get carried away by adversiting college when you heard a good career and earn lots of money, the world does not work well,personal success should not be measured by the amount of money you earn,in this way a langer number of criminals in this country would be successful and they are not.

What I mean that the fruits of the studies should be taken as the interaction in which you are able to resolve problems with leadership and creativity.

The efforts bear results,young people should be aware of the internal desire not to waste time, but use it to learn,create and raise awareness with the community.

There is not art without effort,no effort without discipline,no discipline without sacrifice and there is not sacrifice without suffering” (Javier Protzel).

Nice day,


Written by forachance

18 November 2008 at 10:00