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Internet and the new economy

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Good Morning friends, how are you?

With my first coffee of the morning  I was thinking about the relationship of the Internet and new economy.

What is happening in recent years? That almost all the inner workings of a business,relationship with suppliers and customers is being done by the network. As well as the transformation of the functioning of the capital,as schematically the center of global economy is glabalized financial markets that operate through connections between computers.

This is the aspect of the new economy it is true that the development  of the uses of the Internet begins the first in those high-tech companies but from there it spread rapidly to all types of businesses by creating a new model of corporate organization.

But information and knowledge through the network does not arrive at the same tiem to all countries,this is the case and that 15.6% of the world’s people are connected to the Internet.

We emphasize that LatinAmerica  was the fastest growing in the last four years in which Internet accesss is concerned. The penetration of global Internet population in Africa 4.7%, Latinoamerica/Caribe 41.7% y Asia 12.4%.

– Actually for the development of a country is important to the development of new technologies –

“School must change its traditional teaching towards a model designed to develop competencies and skills in digital literacy and collaborative work”

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