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Entrepreneurs: you can develop your dream

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Good Morning friends,

Today I want to count the case of 


William Kankwamba  (Malawi) in African entrepreneur, who has made his dream a reality: a mill that gave light to his village. His story begin with few resources but with great motivation and desire to overcome, we can improve the lives of our community.

There are young people who fight for your dreams  like William Kankwamba almost alone, without having seen an iPod in your life and not knowing what  was surfing the Internet , he manufactures a mill that gives light to his community.

With the strength, motivation, hope … you managed to build an invention itself: the mill rudimentary that it has become the hero of his neighborhood and now throughout the continent.

The restless spirit makes useful things for the community.

Entrepreneurs “Wanting is able ” .You can develop your dream.

Best regards,


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22 December 2008 at 16:51

Global Entrepreneur Week

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee of the morning I was waching the video from GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP WEEK.

Global entrepreneurship Week will be held from November 17-23 November 2008, where millions of young people can connect their ideas and introducing these ideas to reality and pronouncing the birth of something new.

Create a personal profile and start connecting with others around the world who share innovation,imagination and creativity. You could meet someone who inspires your next great idea..or a collaborator..or a potential investor who finances your startup.

Can your school,organization or company hold at least one activity during the Week to help inspire,connect or engage aspiring entrepreneurs?Then sign up to be an official Partner of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Remember,your activity needs to be registered with us for it to be an official Global Entrepreneurship Week event!

Join the Speednetwork in Globe and many more activities. Transform any idea into reality is something that you can make any culture of the world.

“Have confidence that you can make your dreams, you are young you can change the earth”

Do not miss it !

Best regards,


Returns to earth

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…………………………Good Morning my friends,

How are you? Sorry for my delay today but I am here.

Things are changing in the world “great step” we all have dreams for our world is to achieve.

Things that seem impossible are possible with a little help and willpower I was reading this morning from many countries of course each with their different , incredible histories and situations of enterprising people wanting to fight and pull a cart of difficulties with common goal to realize his dream.

Example the case in Turkey at the lack of resources and a tradition of resistance to educating girls, Akin Yavuz than 13 years, the idea of going to school was unbearable and he wrote to the director threatening to commit suicide but was allowed to attend.


Their dreams are part of a transformation that is taking the country the government’s effort to increase the growth of children to school especially girls begin to take momentum. Turkey reflects a huge change that is taking on the value of educating girls.


Open door to door getting initial achievements,

Best regards,


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16 October 2008 at 12:39