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Peru,young university drivers business projects

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee of the morning I write an article for all those academics who have not finished  college and already has a good business idea.

There are programs at universities that can help a company know how to make and promote development such as in Peru thanks for example to the program LIDERACCIÓN to enhance capacity building in leadership and entrepreneurship to young people in the past cycles of different academic careers.

Ingenious young from different regions of the country presented creative proyects in order to generate positive impacts on society.

The program  started with a call made in April  in which postulated 1500 students from 44 peruvian universities, but only 200 of them were selected for a program of 80 hours teaching to develop business plans in such areas as: leadership,entrepreneurship,business,economics and democratic values There will be a final award which will choose the best proyect of the program and each team member will receive 1000$ cash.

Thanks to the program Lideraccion,young Peruvians already know how to make possible his proyect and promote development to his country.

“Develop a creative idea before leaving the university, dare you?”
Best regards,