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Returns to earth

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…………………………Good Morning my friends,

How are you? Sorry for my delay today but I am here.

Things are changing in the world “great step” we all have dreams for our world is to achieve.

Things that seem impossible are possible with a little help and willpower I was reading this morning from many countries of course each with their different , incredible histories and situations of enterprising people wanting to fight and pull a cart of difficulties with common goal to realize his dream.

Example the case in Turkey at the lack of resources and a tradition of resistance to educating girls, Akin Yavuz than 13 years, the idea of going to school was unbearable and he wrote to the director threatening to commit suicide but was allowed to attend.


Their dreams are part of a transformation that is taking the country the government’s effort to increase the growth of children to school especially girls begin to take momentum. Turkey reflects a huge change that is taking on the value of educating girls.


Open door to door getting initial achievements,

Best regards,


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16 October 2008 at 12:39

Encourage entrepreneurship in your country

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? Have you enterprising spirit? 

“Generation of new business, creating new jobs, the new future = generate wealth”

But the question is what can we do to that in a country born entrepreneurs, to build  a country with enthusiastic entrepreneurs with good ideas, wanting to enable their idea, with motivation and leadership.

  •  Promote entrepreneurship in schools, because a society where the option is to create a professional company and the employee is equalizing, is a modern and advanced entrepreneurial.
  • Development of methodologies and tools to develop innovative capabilities and entrepreneurial skills in the run university and vocational training centers.
  • Development   policies from the government and institutions with innovative programs, promoting access to financial capital that allows new concrete projects and investments.

    Undertake is to generate wealth


Best regards,


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9 October 2008 at 9:08

Undertake leads to development

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Good   Morning   friends,

With my first coffee of the morning…” Undertake is a good way for development“.

Societies dominated by political corruption, taxes and regulations, innovators must overcome enormous challenges to undertake.

Inspiration examples of entrepreneurs collects Alvaro Vargas Llosa in his book “lessons of the poor,” says their cases, which shows that this research is the need to undertake and the desire to live in the poor are sometimes able to overcome all obstacles.

Open  markets that are now closed to products from underdeveloped countries that precede it, according to economists the best possible assistance that rich countries can take to promote development in Africa and Latin Americas 

Of the two most backward regions in the world, in Asia, except for areas such as Myanmar, seems to have already off.


Nice day,