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Africa mysterious …. Invest in Africa?

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee in the morning …

Have your ever thought of  investing in China? They do not know what they are lost . Some say that the black continent is the future of China …

Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda famines, civil wars, humanitarian disasters, coups d’etat …for decades, there were the images of Africa for export… We can not surprising that Western investors have avoided putting their capital in risky destination.

But something seems to be changing, we must contrast the myths with reality to know what is truth in all this .

There is a conference  was organized by the Wharton School of  Business entitled Wharton – Unveiling the Value Demystifying the Risk , it was  very interesting confrontation treated the myths of the African reality to see what’s true in all these mental images that the West was formed on lands of  Kofi Annan, Nelson Mandela .

For decades the African continent has been far from the international area, but new winds blowing to the African continent …smell business opportunities are no longer alone in the holdings of natural resources, is now also the technology.

If you’are looking for business opportunities might not be a bad idea to think  in Africa continent.

Best regards,


Written by forachance

12 December 2008 at 10:16

Ethiopia: The Oromia Region

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Good Morning friends,

Today is the last day of the “working -week” ,what will you do this weekend?

I propose you to see the film Black Gold” , I am sure that you will always remember it when you trink one coffee cup again.The film focus on the coffee growers of the Oromia Region of southern and western Ethiopia,the birthplace of coffee.

“For a theree dollars cup of coffee a farmer earns theree cents” the quote refers to the exploits of Ethiopian coffee farmers. Multinacional coffee companies now rule shopping malls and supermerkats and dominate the industry worth over $80 billion,making valuable commodity in the world afer oil.

The film justaposes how the coffee trinkers of the western world pay $3 -$5 for our high-price espresso drinks while the crushingly poor farmers producing yummy espresso beans barely make ends meet.

Why the world accepte it ?

Nice weekend and thinking it in our next coffe cup …


Written by forachance

8 August 2008 at 8:21