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Building a business plan through of bSherpas

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Good Morning friends,

Do you know the tools  in bSherpas for entrepreneurs ?

The platform bSherpas is focused mainly  for emerging entrepreneurs .

The new tool  “tutors” help  entrepreneurs turn their idea into a plan, get a team of professional volunteers who help  develop your business plan from its experience.

bSherpas ( Business Sherpas ) from Intercom Group leader in building Internet businesses in Spain and a major player in Europe, with over 40 businesses developed, has created the largest online platform to engage and collaborate on business projects.

If you are an entrepreneur how can  get a tutor ?

Once you have uploaded your project, you will find a tools section in a tab of it.There, when you activate the tool Business Plan, will offer the opportunity to invite by email to people you want to be your tutors and / or activate an alert to the tutors who are looking for a project.

Important to create good business plan before going to an investor

Best regards,

Mireya Garcia

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16 September 2009 at 9:19

Interesting book: Passion for undertake

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning,

For all entrepreneurs will be interesting to know the book Passion for undertake  by Andy Freire.


This book brings together the best knowledge at the global level, tangible experience and specific guidelines about how to be an entrepreneur in emerging countries. It  that can help a lot to put up your business.

Recommended this book to those entrepreneurs and who want to be.

Best regards,


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9 March 2009 at 9:23

Why invest time and money in proyects?

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee in the morning  I was thinking of reasons to invest the time and money on a proyect …

If we refer for example to invest our  leisure time  in volunteering , to convey our knowledge to someone who has motivation  for the proyect and awareness   for their commnunity is a unique experience that will enable you to acquire professional and personal experience.

Lets meet new people, different cultures , languages etc..

As for the party to invest capital  is an alternative for investors, sometimes they do so because of the attractiveness of the proyect,  because they believe in the spirit of enterprising business, there are many reasons for believing in a proyect..

This investment  attracts because your inversion would generate employment for the community , involving people in the community this will enable the development of other communities.

It will improve the economy of families in this way the economic benefits will remain in the communities by giving the a good community and a better quality of  life.

There are many reasons to invest our time and money in a business proyect…

Best regards,


Common profiles of entrepreneurs

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning …

Which common characteristics have the entrepreneurs? Which kind of person becomes an entrepreneur?

Some of the common characteristics found..

  • Set objectives:  Ability to establish clear goals that are challenging but achievable.
  • Perseverance:  Have goals and to be persistente.
  • Knowledge of the business.  The employer must understand the basic principles by which a business survives and prospers.
  • If an entrepreneur feels bored by administratives issues ,   he  has not chance to succeed.
  • Comfront failure:  Disappointment but no discouragement to failure , ability to use the failures as experiences.
  • Autonomy : Certainly that you are who controls its successes and its failures; Ability to identify moderate-risk that may arise.
  • Be willing to consult with experts
  • Initiative
  • Physical and Mental Health

The good works is the key of success

Best regards,


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5 December 2008 at 22:05

New language,new culture and way of life

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Good morning my friends,



Are you looking for ways to make a different? Why the people in one volunteering learn things for always?

Abroad volunteering can be one of the most rewarding and best investments you can make with you time. A volunteer is someone who performs a service for free.

Besides helping others, as a volunteer you will contribute considerably to your own career development. Volunteering can help you more clearly define your career path, while enhancing existing skills or developing a variety of new skills.

You bring personal satisfaction, a strengthened sense of personal achievement and value, and increased confidence often result from making a positive impact on an organization or directly on a person’s life.

You will have the opportunity to see the world with a purpose while changing it for the better. Learning the new culture and enhancing the cultural integrity of local people.

Have yor realized one abroad volunteering? Which are the things that you will remember for always ?

Nice day,





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6 August 2008 at 11:37