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Marketing : loyalty strategies

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fidelizacionGood Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning …

Strategies of fidelizacion customer . In a globalized world so as the current one where the same product in several stores there as getting customers. I think the real value of an enterprise is people, service and treatment offered to the customer.

At the end si to avoid the formula recognized by the experts that a satisfed customer is transmitted up to three people, but an unhappy announced their displeasure over a 9 persons.

There are strategies loyalty marketing concept can be  for example: via email, I was remenber that I was in a nice restaurant and the owners each time they make an event or special meal  they will communicate to your customers with a nice and close email. It is a loyalty strategy.

There are different strategies ej: through the discount coupons, gifts, magazines, consumer loyalty card etc…

Fidelizacion strategy – strategy of engagement

Best regards,