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Promotion of business incubators in Latin America

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee of the morning today I wanted to refer to business incubators in Latin America.


Business incubators are a global phenomenon that has spread to virtually the entire Latin American region. In  particulary the Indo-Dev Incubator. World Bank initiative, launched in 2003, has contributed its recent development, strengthening some initiatives in various countries.

This is very important considering the distribution of tasks that these institutions play as well as public policies that promote them in various countries in the region.

 In recent years there have been further consolidated partnerships and networks of incubators in some countries in the region, broadening the understanding of this phenomenon.

Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico are the countries most advanced in the incubation of the region.

  • Brazil has 339 incubators in 23 states, hosting 3327companies
  • Chile has 19 incubators in 9 regions, 2 hosting centers and 414 venture firms.
  • Argentina has 26 incubators mainly in the capital and urban areas, hosting 237 companies.
  • Mexico has 192 incubators, many of which have been newly established, covering 32 states.

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Written by forachance

1 October 2008 at 8:36