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Good Morning friends,

How are you? Entrepreneurs with great ideas are able to reach out its entire proyect under difficult conditions,taking my first coffee of the morning I was reading history of this workshop geared to women with difficulties.

The original workshop is geared to women with family problems and poor in the province of Pisco (Peru), the hardest hit by the earthquake of 2007,accessories are made with fish skin.

Women go to the pier at dawn in search of the best marine examples. Await that species will be selected by a buyer,who only ask that they hand over the skins of fish,after being withdrawn.

They choose the skin of flounder,groupers,croaker,conger,rays and tollos,as well as tilapia and mulle.In all these cases we seek to keep the skin flakes,which will give you the perfect finish to the final product “explains the occurrence artist“, once selected furs are conducting a cleansing,then the beautiful skin go through a chemical solution that removes the particles,proteins,vitamins and fiber to prevent its putrefaction,but above all to eliminate the distinctive smell of fish.

Once these skins are worked used for producing hangbags,wallets,cases for eyeglasses,belts,wallets and shoes.

” The brightness of social ideas in difficult conditions “

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Written by forachance

22 October 2008 at 8:45