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Online marketing strategies

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning..

The  marketing strategy to be implemented should be seen as central to the customer approach, since this field of study and concern on the part of the whole organization.

Internet is a marketing medium that requires follow specific rules and regulations for doing business effectively.

Using online marketing strategies can challenge the traditional marketing and even to the methods used in radio and television. In this strategy toward consumers are going to information and not seeking the means to target customers, and consumers users who initiates the communication.

Online marketing strategies we can emphasize that the marketing executives of the companies are supporting the idea of using the Internet to reach consumers  and more attractive and innovative.

This new challenge promotes and requires the areas of traditional marketing to engage in solving the universal problem: traditional advertsiting, therefore organizations  must now consider new ways to make their marketing strategies.

The role that is taking the Internet these days is so strong that any large company that wants to continue marking the leadership and avoid obsolescence must adjust their marketing strategies to online or online.

Interesting books  about it: Daniel S.Janal (Internet Marketing), Sandra Guadalupe Martinez de la Pena (2003) (Impact of Information Technology)

Online marketing initiatives to make its sales grow

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Mireya Garcia

Video marketing online

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Good Morning friends,

 With my first coffee of the morning I was thinking of all the entrepreneurs and people who are doing marketing online and have to design a video, as a strategy for its marketing campaign online.

The marketing videos online business is the key differentiator for companies seeking to communicate the profile of your product effectively and to benefit from the short-term. The video is one of the best options because today the average call time user is measure in seconds.

Marketing a video is an art complex to transmit the user’s desire to meet to find what the customer looking for in the shortest time possible and as efficiently as possible. His video store in the website that has a strong impact, the video should be  dynamic,communicate effectively.

It should be one of the first things you see when you arrive at the site,considering the choice of music,fashion words etc..

Think before what you want to convey and how to achieve the desired success through video created in a dynamic,attractive way informing customers about the products,services and skills offered by your company.

Video online a special tool for your business

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Written by forachance

19 November 2008 at 9:36