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Innovation, entrepreneurs driving India

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“India is creating policies to encourage the businessman and entrepreneurs”

Mumbai: The National Knowledge Commission, (NKC), high-level advisory body, has said that the innovation and entrepreneurship are the driving forces of the India‘s for its growth.

Primer Minister Manmohan Singh is creating a series of policies for  encouraging entrepreneurship and enterprise of the country.

The National Commission through of the study realized to entrepreneurs for learning about the needs in the country has called for the improvement of Education Training (FP) through training and testing in writing as the highest priority to learn the language perfectly English.

The recommendations are develop through handbooks on entrepreneurship, helps of access the initial financing and search of secondary markets for smaller companies.

Others suggestions include the creation of a uniform law for research financed by public funds and encouraging research and entrepreneurship departments on college campuses.

“The India growth through innovation”

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Who helps you undertake?

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Some of you sure that you have ever thought in ideas, concepts and new businesses but sometimes we do not know where to start all that we have in our heads. 

Important is seek advice to help us correct the flaws in the project and information of the business opportunities we may have . Also we need to be informed if there is some sort of mechanism for funding or investment of any kind for entrepreneurs.
Depends of the country and region in which live the choices for information enterprising are more or less extensive. (Chambers of commerce, municipalities, foundations, Internet, ministries, banks,business incubators etc…).

Africa, India and South America should set up mechanisms helping to entrepreneurs is not the capacity to generate ideas or projects but such a wonderful way to bring an idea to reality.

Promote spaces for those who are taking an idea to reality becomes a reality”.
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The war future of water

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The importance of the treasure called “Water”.

While in many places clean water and fresh is normal in other is a scarce resource due to lack of water or source pollution.


About 1100 million people that is 18% for some of the world population have no access to safe sources of drinking water and more than 2400 million people lack adequate sanitation.


In the roofs of any city India can see large deposits of black plastic that serves to store water. Exposed to sun and pollution these deposits soon lose their hermetic capacity and become the perfect “crop diseases”, in rural areas is even worse. There are places where there is water only 40 minutes a day.


In a future war will undertaken to achieve and monitor freshwater, like now fight for oil.


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27 August 2008 at 9:05

India economic growth

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India has been one of the best performers in the world economy in recent years, but rapidly rising inflation and the complexities of running the world’s biggest democracy are proving challenging.

India’s economy has been one of the stars of global economics in recent years, growing 9,2% in 2007 and 9,6% in 2006.

Growth has been supported by markets reforms, huge inflows of FDI, rising foreign exchange reserves, both and IT and real estate boom, and a flourishing capital market.

With the India economy now the world’s second fastest growing after China, India’s central bank has moved several times to cool this growth and reduce inflationary pressures.

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20 August 2008 at 7:59


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      Good Morning friends,

     ” With my coffee this morning I have seen  this image “… 

      A new India is emerging -young entrepreneurial and competitive.

      Massive investiment in India is predicted in the next decade as it takes its rightful place on the global economic stage. Foreing investors are seeing huge opportunities. Indias’s economy with positive indicators,the economy has grown. The companies investing in India reasons are numerous market size,market opportunity and competitive more.


        The Large Indian population offers huge opportunities in different demographic segments. Young people and a growing number of  those young people well educated. Young people with a lots ideas and with hopes working with nice creativity which can be seen in diversity of its languages,classical,arts,music,literature,folk arts.

The Indian students well educated… ” They are interested in investing in the growing market and have been for a while now seems like the perfect time “.

India has emerged as the Word’s fastest growing wealth Creator …


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25 July 2008 at 8:46