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Rosario Valley – Entrepreneurs of Argentina

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Good Morning friends,

Thanks to Guido Weber,  I know Rosario Valley ( Argentina ) !

Rosario ValleyPalermo Valley are   new ventures nonprofit that seeks to unite and push the community of web entrepreneurs from Argentina through periodic events.

Rosario an area where entrepreneurs are constantly arising from the large areas related to techology .

New initiatives , events come from  Palermo Valley, Rosario Valley for the community ( entrepreneurs, educational institucions etc ..)

Meeting ! New initiatives for entrepreneurs  !

Best regards,

Mireya Garcia

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4 September 2009 at 14:47

Entrepreneurs Colombia

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mapa barranquilla

Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning …

Cultiving the entrepreneurial culture in Colombia Foundation  Saint Martin   is organizing the third EXPO FAIR ENTREPRENEURSHIP 2009.

This event is organized by students of finance and international relations.

Date and venue of the exhibition: 20 May 2009

Its Founders, Mariano A , Sofan Alvear, Gloria Orozco and Arturo Alvarez have built  in Bogota one institucion that is today a model in  Latin America.

Initiatives for entrepreneurs !

Best regards,


Sustainable banks in the world

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Good Morning  friends,

With my first coffe in the morning

As an entrepreneur you have innovative project, with specific initiatives that benefit society and are looking for a bank.

For all entrepreneurs who are looking banks that finance sustainable initiatives that contribute to enhancing quality of life.

Banks with potential to introduce innovative improvements in the financial world and to support the sectors neglectec by traditional banks.

Some examples of these banks

Populare Bank of the success   ( )

BRAC Bank  and  BRAC Microfinance Programme, Bangladesh ( and

Merkur Bank, Denmark (

Mibanco, Bank of Microenterprise  (

New resources Bank, USA (

Shorebank Corporation. USA (

Triodos Bank, Netherlands,Belgium, UK and Spain  (

Best regards,


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12 March 2009 at 13:34


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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning …

For entrepreneurs is interesting know  the Internet TV Channels , which serve to enhance the prestige and the entrepreneurial spirit and the work of small and medium enterprises as vital engine for future growth of the economy and creating jobs.

There are different channels: TV entrepreneurs, Women’s Initiatives, Exporter, Young people, Innovation Area, Canal Internal etc.. You can see  different information about events, social entrepreneurs, tourism etc…

Where entrepreneurs explain their experiences , their emotions. A channel that should not stop watching.  It is an excellent idea is a future possibility of using the media most important thing today, Internet, media Universal Internet etc…

Promote iniatiatives  is undertake

Best regards,


Online marketing strategies

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning..

The  marketing strategy to be implemented should be seen as central to the customer approach, since this field of study and concern on the part of the whole organization.

Internet is a marketing medium that requires follow specific rules and regulations for doing business effectively.

Using online marketing strategies can challenge the traditional marketing and even to the methods used in radio and television. In this strategy toward consumers are going to information and not seeking the means to target customers, and consumers users who initiates the communication.

Online marketing strategies we can emphasize that the marketing executives of the companies are supporting the idea of using the Internet to reach consumers  and more attractive and innovative.

This new challenge promotes and requires the areas of traditional marketing to engage in solving the universal problem: traditional advertsiting, therefore organizations  must now consider new ways to make their marketing strategies.

The role that is taking the Internet these days is so strong that any large company that wants to continue marking the leadership and avoid obsolescence must adjust their marketing strategies to online or online.

Interesting books  about it: Daniel S.Janal (Internet Marketing), Sandra Guadalupe Martinez de la Pena (2003) (Impact of Information Technology)

Online marketing initiatives to make its sales grow

Best regards,

Mireya Garcia

Promotion of business incubators in Latin America

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee of the morning today I wanted to refer to business incubators in Latin America.


Business incubators are a global phenomenon that has spread to virtually the entire Latin American region. In  particulary the Indo-Dev Incubator. World Bank initiative, launched in 2003, has contributed its recent development, strengthening some initiatives in various countries.

This is very important considering the distribution of tasks that these institutions play as well as public policies that promote them in various countries in the region.

 In recent years there have been further consolidated partnerships and networks of incubators in some countries in the region, broadening the understanding of this phenomenon.

Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico are the countries most advanced in the incubation of the region.

  • Brazil has 339 incubators in 23 states, hosting 3327companies
  • Chile has 19 incubators in 9 regions, 2 hosting centers and 414 venture firms.
  • Argentina has 26 incubators mainly in the capital and urban areas, hosting 237 companies.
  • Mexico has 192 incubators, many of which have been newly established, covering 32 states.

   ”  Help to develop your idea, your project”

Nice day,


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1 October 2008 at 8:36

Event global entrepreneur

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Good Morning friends,

With the first coffee of the morning I want to inform you of event Global Entrepreneurship Week, which will take place around the world  between 17 and Nov.23.

 It is a world wide event in which countries all around the world host events to promote entrepreneurship amongst the youth. 

It will be held for the first time in Spain, organized by IESE and the addition of twelve institutions to support entrepreneurial. This  global initiative to help young entrepreneurs to connect with business activities in order to create value for its own local economies and communities.

This week consists of carrying out numerous activities to support entrepreneurial initiative through investment forums, seminars, conferences and educational programs for youths.

Little by little, one travels far” JRR Tolkien
Best regards,