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Opportunity for Colombian Entrepreneurs

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Good Morning friends,

As undertake in another country? The internalization is closely linked to entrepreneurship and it are  concepts that are linked.

I take this post  to inform that the Chambre of Lugo (Spain)  has a proyect with The ParqueSoft ( Colombia) with  programs  to benefit Colombian entrepreneurs from all sectors to undertake in Spain.

Through these agreements Colombian entrepreneurs may establish branches of their companies in Spain.

For more information: Juan Manuel Delgado, Director of Parque Soft Palmira

Best regards,colombia

“Opportunity for Colombian entrepreneurs to undertake in Spain”

Mireya  Garcia

Written by forachance

10 September 2009 at 14:23

Social Networks: useful tool for entrepreneurs

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Good Morning friends,

Social Networks are useful tool for entrepreneurs in a variety of ways:

Public relations : entrepreneurs are aware of the imporatance of social networks to have a good network of contacts.

Throught of social Media will know other interesting people for your project, possible partnerships, collaborations or learn new developments in its industry, as well as see what others are doing.

You  can  use them for Marketing : the use the virtual media permit build advertising message with imagination et cheaper.

They are useful for the internalization of your project too.

Famous Social Network  :  Facebook, Sonico, Myspace, Linkedin, Xing, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Orkut.

More useful in Latinoamerica: mySpace, hi5, Google’s Orkut, Facebook[

Take adventage with  social networks for your project
Best regards,

Mireya Garcia