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Collaboration and investment in proyects of entrepreneurs

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee of the morning I was thinking about investiments where can I invest my time and my money in something beneficial?

There are many key factors for investing in a proyect of entrepreneurs (have a committed team,a good business model,technology etc.)

But what is the fundamental criterion for collaborating on a proyect, I don’t know if sometimes we collaborate or invest in the best projects but if in the empathy that we produce the entrepreneur and his proyect. It is important the affects and the feelings  that the entrepreneur us passed.

Clearly, surely in 100% financial investment,the main objective is to achieve a high return on capital. But emphaty can influence this in some way to making this investment decision on a proyect?

The importance of feeling in the investiments

Best regards,


Written by forachance

6 November 2008 at 9:36