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Inventions and entrepreneurs can save the world

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Good Morning friends,

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Today I would like to talk about Jon Böhmer, inventor of the ” Kyoto box”.


A solar cooker made from two cardboard boxes, is convinced that his invention will save many lives and many trees in the world.

Jon has been awarded by the Forum for the Future with  75.000 dollars  a few weeks ago with the creation  prototype the solar cooking soon become a reality in over twenty countries in Africa,Asia and Latin America.

Jon  BÖHNER Norwegian based in Kenya, says that thanks to its solar cooking will be allowed not to cut trees in many countries and also ended up  with the violations of women in the woods collecting  firewood and it allow to boil water very easy  . The difference with the  others  solar cooking is that it costs 4 eur .

Solving ecological,economic and efficient to generate energy in developing countries.

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28 April 2009 at 10:27

The big emerging markets are being rapidly strengthened

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Good Morning friends,

How are you today? Thanks to reforms in the business rules are being built businesses in some countries.

According with the study performed by Doing Business ,study based on the classification of countries in reforms to improve the creation of enterprises through on 10 indicators on business regulations. Analyze the time and expense that is used to meet the requierements established by the government for the setting up of a company, its operations, its market activity, their taxation and its closure.

The report stresses that the return on equity is greater in countries undergoing reforms. Investors are looking for growth potential and we are in the developing economies,big emerging markets are reforming with acceleration. China,Egypt,India,Indonesia,Turkey and Vietnam have made progress in the ease of doing business.

Leaders in Africa are Ghana and Kenya, while reforms in other countries in the region have been produced in an enequal way. Highlight Mauritius,Madagascar and Mozambique. In Latin America highlights Colombia as an important reformer of positive changes for improving the system of doing business,followed by Guatemala,Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

” Emerging market reforms undertaken to facilitate the opening of a business”

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