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For enterprising universtiy

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning ,

Entrepreneurs who wish to undertake in the university,  the  entrepreneurship centers  may help to you.

Academics from the universities should encourage and support entrepreneurship by making students feel the full supports of the faculty.

Initatives that are taking longer in some universities in Latinoamerica.

Special Mention

University of Concepción (Chile) from 2004 offers all of  its students subjects up throughout the race. Those who complete the program receive a special diploma from the university attesting that have participated in a formal program of training and development of entrepreneurial skills.

Case in point is the Launch Workshop Graduate Entrepreneurship, University of Chile, the workshop is aimed at young academics who feel anxious to set up companies, who wish to learn the tools necessary to carry out its proyect, including plans, business etc…

Stimulating entrepreurship in the  universities

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Latinoamerica point of hydrocarbons

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Good Morning friends,

Latinoamerica,oil,gas etc…

How are you today? With my first coffee of the morning in the middle of the Amazon  I was thinking…

The oil industry is coming to the tropical Andes, the attention of the media falls on the felling of trees, crops, livestock and threatening the Brazilian Amazon.However the las threats by oil companies and gas reach the eastern slopes of the Andes.

In Peru and Ecuador the oil has penetrated into public institucions become a serious problem.Nice Peruvian rainforests are now areas of oil and gas,while much of the Ecuatorian Amazon is on auction.

The constant threats to the Brazilian Amazon jungle and the meeting point hydracarbons in the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains and adjacent Amazonian lowlands of Colombia, Peru and Bolivia are already a reality.

Social, environmental and political problems along the Amazon rainforest.

While the end of the world is tomorrow, today plan apple trees in my garden .(Lutero)

Best regards,


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24 November 2008 at 9:58

Internet and the new economy

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Good Morning friends, how are you?

With my first coffee of the morning  I was thinking about the relationship of the Internet and new economy.

What is happening in recent years? That almost all the inner workings of a business,relationship with suppliers and customers is being done by the network. As well as the transformation of the functioning of the capital,as schematically the center of global economy is glabalized financial markets that operate through connections between computers.

This is the aspect of the new economy it is true that the development  of the uses of the Internet begins the first in those high-tech companies but from there it spread rapidly to all types of businesses by creating a new model of corporate organization.

But information and knowledge through the network does not arrive at the same tiem to all countries,this is the case and that 15.6% of the world’s people are connected to the Internet.

We emphasize that LatinAmerica  was the fastest growing in the last four years in which Internet accesss is concerned. The penetration of global Internet population in Africa 4.7%, Latinoamerica/Caribe 41.7% y Asia 12.4%.

– Actually for the development of a country is important to the development of new technologies –

“School must change its traditional teaching towards a model designed to develop competencies and skills in digital literacy and collaborative work”

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Entrepreneurs: Women’s Initiatives

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Good Morning Friends,
How are you? With my first coffee of the morning was watching videos of women entrepreneurs who fight  to do what they like.

Women with courage, believe in themselves, a principle not ever go away, the illusion of having begun.
Sometimes not have the best circumstances for to do a business project in Africa, India or Latinoamerica go forward, are women with an unbeatable spirit who would help generate wealth and create jobs in the region.

In these continents there are significant business opportunities in business creation will enable sustainable development in the continents

“There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something.” Henry Ford

 Best regards, Mireya

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17 October 2008 at 10:11