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The big emerging markets are being rapidly strengthened

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Good Morning friends,

How are you today? Thanks to reforms in the business rules are being built businesses in some countries.

According with the study performed by Doing Business ,study based on the classification of countries in reforms to improve the creation of enterprises through on 10 indicators on business regulations. Analyze the time and expense that is used to meet the requierements established by the government for the setting up of a company, its operations, its market activity, their taxation and its closure.

The report stresses that the return on equity is greater in countries undergoing reforms. Investors are looking for growth potential and we are in the developing economies,big emerging markets are reforming with acceleration. China,Egypt,India,Indonesia,Turkey and Vietnam have made progress in the ease of doing business.

Leaders in Africa are Ghana and Kenya, while reforms in other countries in the region have been produced in an enequal way. Highlight Mauritius,Madagascar and Mozambique. In Latin America highlights Colombia as an important reformer of positive changes for improving the system of doing business,followed by Guatemala,Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

” Emerging market reforms undertaken to facilitate the opening of a business”

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” How is Madagascar ? “

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Good morning friends,


In this time we breathe holiday’s atmosphere …. do you think sometime to travel  to Madagascar? You will be surprise when you know all possibilities offered for this island not only like one paradise for getting the nice holidays as well as for the interesting business opportunities.

Is an island nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of Africa.


The Malagasy people are friendly and approachable. Business is somewhat formal, but lightweight suits are appropriate due to the subtropical climate.Although Malagasy is the official language of Madagascar, French is the language of business and the government.

Madagascar Economy and Business are intertwined together. The economy of Madagascar is very much influenced by the Business of Madagascar.

Madagascar economy is mainly dependent on the mining industry. The agricultural products beverages and textiles. Oil and natural gases are gaining importance gradually.

Madagascar Economy and Business are centered on mineral resources. The market is ruled by diamonds. They do a good business in other countries. Other than diamond, the main mineral resources are coal, bauxite, salt industrial zircon, garnets, vanilla, coffee, sugar, textile also have a good export market.


The foreign trade is small but effective. Madagascar does business with France, Italy, Japan, United States. International agencies as well as European Union provide assistance to Madagascar.There are various kinds of businesses in Madagascar including IT, transportation, insurance, communication, real estate, restaurants, hotels, tourism.



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5 August 2008 at 8:48