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The self employment is an outlet for many women

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning I was thinking …

Self employment is a real departure for many women, have an idea, develop it, will be a big help for you.

There are possibilities like microcredits and supports for viables and concrets proyects. The formulas for self-employment and business start-up are revealed as an effective alternative and a career of the future for women.

It is a formule for full integration into the labor market . Also, the choisi of life, beacuse being enterprising and entrepreneurial supposed to be the protagonist of our own future and life proyect.

We need to encourage countries in the entrepreneurial culture and the integration of women into employment.

” Self  as a good alternative for professional women

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Microcredits for women: Latinoamérica

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Good Morning friends,

How are you today?

The areas of the world that are more entrepreneurial activity by women are Latin America and the Caribbean.In the labour market Americas Latina women earn wages equivalent to 68% of male earnings.

Microcredit’s are an aid to enable women to escape poverty and enter the world of business.If governments, multilateral banks and allow us access to credits and facilitate the legal procedures for start-ups will have a world with less poverty and more developed.

To promote microcredit programmers for women entrepreneurs  to finance business projects with favorable terms and without guarantees.

“The principle of this proposal is not making money but if you do well to people”.

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