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Motivation essential for successful entrepreneurs

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning …

Lately in the newspaper, on TV is speaking the crisis, crisis … is well know that what goes on in our around but not stay stop , to have  afraid .

We must be open new challenges,to meet new proposals and move with positivism and optimism to get our idea.

We must begin to rethink proposals to review and act we can not  still paralyzed in face problems. You will begin to feel motivated again  to start doing things.

Entrepreneurs are the engine of development of new ideas, projects, start  up and business. They are the economic and social development of peoples.

Motivation to strive overcome the difficulties.

Best regards,


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7 August 2009 at 15:13

Anatomy of entrepreneurs: Family Background and Motivation

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para blog de mireya

Good morning friends,

I present you to Sergio Parrales ,   he come from Mexico and he is entrepreneur. He wanted to collaborate in the blog and this is his result.

Antomy of entrepreneurs: Family Background and Motivation

A study just released in July, by the Kauffman Foundation of Entrepreneurship has shed some light into the life and motivation of Entrepreneurs, their family and school backgrounds as well as their early interests to start a company, in order to better understad their motivation for starting a business.

Regarding their school backgrounds, the study that most entrepreneurs has bachelor’s degrees (95,1%) which is very different from the general idea of college drop- outs we have about entrepreneurs ( Steve Jobs, Bill Gates ..etc), even more surprising was the fact that 47% of the surveyed entrepreneurs had more advanced degrees. The study also found out that most entrepreneurs (75%) were among the top 30% of their high schools , the study also found that most of these entrepreneurs did far better in High School that they did in College , with 67% being on the top 30% of their undergraduate class. This shows that from a young age entrepreneurs show a high interest in school and they stived to succeed in life at a young age.

This study also studied tha family background of entrepreneurs. They found that 2/3 of the surveyed entrepreneurs came from middle class families , which shows that a very small amount of entrepreneurs where from rich prominenet families. This study also showed that only half of the parents of entrepreneurs finished a bachelor’s degree.

Finally  regarding their motivation for becoming entrepreneurs , most of them indicated they started their own business in order build wealth (74.8) also the majority of the respondents had worked as employees for other companies before starting their businesses 60.3 percent of the surveyed confessed that working fo others was not very appealing form them, and was one of the main reasons why they pursued having their own business.

This is an extremely important study which shows that most of our previous perceptions about entrepreneurs we wrong! Entrepreneurs are dedicated, hard working , family oriendted individuals who usually have an idea and are not afraid to break our from the norm, take risks and fail in multiple occasions to get what they want!

Sergio Parrales

” Thanks Sergio for collaborate in my blog like entrepreneur “, Mireya

Entrepreneurs: you can develop your dream

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Good Morning friends,

Today I want to count the case of 


William Kankwamba  (Malawi) in African entrepreneur, who has made his dream a reality: a mill that gave light to his village. His story begin with few resources but with great motivation and desire to overcome, we can improve the lives of our community.

There are young people who fight for your dreams  like William Kankwamba almost alone, without having seen an iPod in your life and not knowing what  was surfing the Internet , he manufactures a mill that gives light to his community.

With the strength, motivation, hope … you managed to build an invention itself: the mill rudimentary that it has become the hero of his neighborhood and now throughout the continent.

The restless spirit makes useful things for the community.

Entrepreneurs “Wanting is able ” .You can develop your dream.

Best regards,


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22 December 2008 at 16:51

One third of the world’s entrepreneurs are women

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee in the morning…

In countries with low income levels there are almost as many womens as men entrepreneurs.

Gem Women 2006 estimated that in the world for more than a third of the people who are involved in entrepreuneurial activity are women. The motivation for women entrepreneurs varies widely depending on whether we are talking about countries the main motivation for starting a business is usually “opportunity” in underdeveloped countries often “need”.

For the women who works and  knows a work environment is easier to be decide to make a business and undertake.

La participation of women in the labor force has increased in recent decades significantly.

Best regards,


Why invest time and money in proyects?

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee in the morning  I was thinking of reasons to invest the time and money on a proyect …

If we refer for example to invest our  leisure time  in volunteering , to convey our knowledge to someone who has motivation  for the proyect and awareness   for their commnunity is a unique experience that will enable you to acquire professional and personal experience.

Lets meet new people, different cultures , languages etc..

As for the party to invest capital  is an alternative for investors, sometimes they do so because of the attractiveness of the proyect,  because they believe in the spirit of enterprising business, there are many reasons for believing in a proyect..

This investment  attracts because your inversion would generate employment for the community , involving people in the community this will enable the development of other communities.

It will improve the economy of families in this way the economic benefits will remain in the communities by giving the a good community and a better quality of  life.

There are many reasons to invest our time and money in a business proyect…

Best regards,


The motivation force business

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Good Morning friends,

How are you?

Motivation is one of the most important elements for business.

One therefore must always think positively and read from time to time items that inspire you relax and concentrate on carrying out efforts to produce money.


An entrepreneur or CEO to develop an idea need a staff of employees greater or lesser extent, a motivated workforce  will operate much better proyect.

There are different ways to motivate employees, trends are influenced  by culture in which we are working but the common purpose is to create a positive work environment encouraging creativity, new ideas, initiative and the doors open to proposals the template.


” An direction efficiently with employees motivated is one of the main keys to success”


Best regards,


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18 September 2008 at 8:57