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Where to Invest in 2009?

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Good Morning Friends,

Investing abroad? Yes, but in which countries, this depends on many factors but the fact that the new emerging countries will lead the integration of more than 2500 million people of the global economic.

There are experts who do not hesitate to draw big four countries: Brazil, China, India and Russia as the four paradises in which foreign capital is extremely important advantages for investing. There are also four countries that are known to be key players in globalization.


Countries which have taken significant steps to improve their attractiveness for investors are Colombia, Costa Rica, Ghana, Mozambique and Vietnam, prices are rising but are still many opportunities.


The case of India a country with an unprecedented momentum of growth, which presents a very favorable factors.
Sound macroeconomic policies
– Concern for access to credit
– Fight active government against poverty
– High investment in education.

Overall investment in that country will you invest?

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India: The story of a social entrepreneur

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Good Morning friends,

In this morning taking my first cafe in the company of you, I would like to tell the story of Javed Abidi a social entrepreneur. Javec Abidi spent a year and a half struggling to believe a law that recognizes the rights of disabled in India.

Javed Abidi, affected at birth with a spinal malady and confined to the wheelchair by medical negligence, is working to provide political visibility and economic opportunities for disabled persons.

 The activist was elected as Partner of Ashoka in 1998, shortly after becoming its proyect in the National Center for Promotion of Employment for People Disabled. Javed Abidi is a social entrepreneur with revolutionary ideas; a social entrepreneurship is based on creative thinking and perseverance.

“If you believe in something must be done”

Best regards,


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2 October 2008 at 7:55

Latin American- entrepreneurs!!

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Good Morning friends,
Have you ever thought undertaken in Latin America where needed on 200 days of efforts to establish a new company and where a handful of companies dominating the market?


Having aspiration, concentrate and be disciplined you could lead to success. Argentina and Brazil are two countries where this is more notorious. Where of every 10 companies 9 have been the result of entrepreneurs. En Costa Rica are 8 out of 10.



With regards support to existing entrepreneurs, countries have experimented with various proposals to support the PYME, many of them failed after each economic crisis. They focused positioning more mature PYME leaving in the background to entrepreneurs.

This vacuum has been filled by incubators in many cases which were  criticized by the same entrepreneurs because these companies stayed with high percentages of business, others have been effective. We also find that organizations have designed programs support.

Latin American Entrepreneurs should seize opportunities to a wider range of productive sectors and understand the importance of access to risk capital creating more jobs and wealth in their countries.

Develop an alternative franchises serious business with a standard risk profile and with a great potential for creating value.

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4 September 2008 at 8:28


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      Good Morning friends,

     ” With my coffee this morning I have seen  this image “… 

      A new India is emerging -young entrepreneurial and competitive.

      Massive investiment in India is predicted in the next decade as it takes its rightful place on the global economic stage. Foreing investors are seeing huge opportunities. Indias’s economy with positive indicators,the economy has grown. The companies investing in India reasons are numerous market size,market opportunity and competitive more.


        The Large Indian population offers huge opportunities in different demographic segments. Young people and a growing number of  those young people well educated. Young people with a lots ideas and with hopes working with nice creativity which can be seen in diversity of its languages,classical,arts,music,literature,folk arts.

The Indian students well educated… ” They are interested in investing in the growing market and have been for a while now seems like the perfect time “.

India has emerged as the Word’s fastest growing wealth Creator …


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25 July 2008 at 8:46