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The most frequent errors of the entrepreneur

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Good Morning friends,

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I was in a business advisory chat the  other day in which he analyzes the mistakes of entrepreneurs.

As entrepreneurial mistakes that we must take into account  for have less risk of failure.

  • To assume the viability of the business– as entrepreneurs tend to think that ours is the best but it will benefit for the customers.
  • How to see the future of our customers product, understands our explanations, we use language well, arguments etc..
  • The lack of planning dedicate a few hours a month to plan ahead, look at the external environment, changes that are happening etc..
  • The market segments are divided by knowing who we are heading
  • Make a good plan for feasibility and watch the cash.

Important points when undertaking

Recommended books: Book entrepreneur by Fernando Trias de Bes

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The failure to entrepreneurs

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Good Morning friends,

I was thinking why the failure of entrepreneurs is difficult to analyse the failures of our failures. The factors of the failure may be more a lack of planning, poor marketing, discouragement, lack of money, not having a good study of competition and so.

Fernando Trias de Bes, consultant and writer. Has just published the book “ The black book for the entrepreneur” in his book summarizes the key judgements grouped in 5 major areas : Ther person who takes, the idea of business ,partners, industry and management growth.

Failures are part of the success

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