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Why invest time and money in proyects?

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee in the morning  I was thinking of reasons to invest the time and money on a proyect …

If we refer for example to invest our  leisure time  in volunteering , to convey our knowledge to someone who has motivation  for the proyect and awareness   for their commnunity is a unique experience that will enable you to acquire professional and personal experience.

Lets meet new people, different cultures , languages etc..

As for the party to invest capital  is an alternative for investors, sometimes they do so because of the attractiveness of the proyect,  because they believe in the spirit of enterprising business, there are many reasons for believing in a proyect..

This investment  attracts because your inversion would generate employment for the community , involving people in the community this will enable the development of other communities.

It will improve the economy of families in this way the economic benefits will remain in the communities by giving the a good community and a better quality of  life.

There are many reasons to invest our time and money in a business proyect…

Best regards,


Business, how to work directly with members of the family

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Good Morning friends, how are you?

With my first coffee of the morning was thinking of the difficulties when we work with the family,  the lack of communication and ability to create team leading, resulting the 62% of the deaths of family businesses.

Make it clear among family members that there is no better or worse in the family only differents.  It is very important to have communication of explaining the new changes and new directions of the company, we tend to mix the  professional with the staff.

As the business grows we must define the roles of each family member to avoid family conflicts ,businesses must encourage entrepreneurship. Remember and appreciate the endeavors of earlier generations.

The family should not be a problem for the dismissal of incompetent relatives,though at times we made it difficult situation for fear of family repercussions. Avoid personal conflicts in the company.

“The reward of work well done is the opportunity to make more job well done” ( Jonas Edward Salk)

Best regards,