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Turn ideas into businesses

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ideasGood Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning.

Every time the young people have more ideas. They seem attractive but do not know anything make it. Enhance our vision to the point  of begin to develop strategic alliances.

Taking into account 10 basic steps to open your own business.

Employers-Starter for each business to assess your character, your personal skills etc.. an the situation where you are if  it is the right time.

The structure– When you know that you do business , it’s time to determine whether to go it alone or with partners.

The plan – Make a business plan.

Evaluate – That the profesional evaluate your proyect

Money– Study access to sources of capital

Implement- Monitor the goals you have set in your plan. If you need last-minute changes, assesss the impact on all aspects of the proyect.

Promotion – Every business needs to promote itself,  to seek strategies.

Evaluation– The plan will have to manage the administrative plan cash flow and working capital.

You may make your business idea

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19 January 2009 at 9:32

The phenomenon of viral marketing

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? The viral marketing or viral advertising is an inexpensive way to promote a product through world, in fact the most basic form of marketing.

The success of the advertising campaign will be the people are talking or know your product or not. Viral Marketing are terms used to refer to marketing techniques that seek to exploit pre-existing social networks to produce exponential increases in ” brand awareness”.

The transmission of viral marketing via the Internet may be for example through the publicity or messages sent by e-mail,instant messaging, blogs, videos etc.. by others websites. Through the mobile phone with camara for example record the video and then hung on, Bluetooth or MMS.

Attention to the difficulties that may exist in the use of viral marketing campaign for example use the format that everybody can easily use ej: If you use a specific software that is not widespread use,which is not too big to be received by the recipient etc..

Ej: Le journalNet found the best viral videos which were presented at the Festival du film viral in Paris last October 21.

“Economic way to promote your product through the viral marketing”

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12 November 2008 at 11:17

International marketing plan

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Good Morning friends,

How are you today? With my first coffee of the morning was thinking on the mix marketing plan, for all those going to undertake.

As we know the mix marketing plan is a series of actions in four key areas of the enterprise : Product, price, promotion and distribution: must interact with each other which aim to facilitate the company to get business objects within a given time.

Analyze the marketing strategies that will allow you to decide what, how, when and where to develop its strategys. The 99% of the information is on the Web

Before taking decisions should put in order the ideas. Points to consider: accessibility to the market, considering the risks, sources of information, differentiation of competition etc.

” Learning to do the mix marketing plan before undertaking the business”

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