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Tool for investors in Africa

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning,

As an investor in Africa and anywhere in the world, you need information for making the decisions.

This information is possible through Afrobarometer research proyect is an independent- non- partisan environment that measures the social,political and economic context in Africa.

Afrobarometro surveys are conducted in more of twelve African countries and are repeated regularly.

There is the possibilty of systematically compare dates with others countries , throught of the group of questions that apply in relation with the trends in attitudes of people over time etc..

The results are spoken with responsibles decision making, for example investors etc..

Afrobarometer: Online information and date analysis in African countries

Best regards, Mireya

More information :

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27 April 2009 at 12:19

For enterprising universtiy

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning ,

Entrepreneurs who wish to undertake in the university,  the  entrepreneurship centers  may help to you.

Academics from the universities should encourage and support entrepreneurship by making students feel the full supports of the faculty.

Initatives that are taking longer in some universities in Latinoamerica.

Special Mention

University of Concepción (Chile) from 2004 offers all of  its students subjects up throughout the race. Those who complete the program receive a special diploma from the university attesting that have participated in a formal program of training and development of entrepreneurial skills.

Case in point is the Launch Workshop Graduate Entrepreneurship, University of Chile, the workshop is aimed at young academics who feel anxious to set up companies, who wish to learn the tools necessary to carry out its proyect, including plans, business etc…

Stimulating entrepreurship in the  universities

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Resources for entrepreneurs in Panama

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Good Morning  friends,

Information for entrepreneurs in Panama

– There is a cultural competition  for companies  of  Panama basis for cultural entrepreneurs.The proyect objective is to attract projects based cultural, creative, able to innovate or to preserve and highlight the cultural heritage, and to grow steadily.(

– For entrepreneurs in Panama one of the interesting things I’ve seen is the commnunity of entrepreneurs through the Panamanian Facebook. A community of entrepreneurs that will soon be able to register as users: entrepreneurs, inverstors or business mentors. (

As entrepreneurs as active part  in Panama

Best regards,


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12 February 2009 at 16:04

African universities source of entrepreneurship

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning …

African universities play an important role in the development of entrepreneruship in Africa, can be a good starting point for an entrepreneur to develop a project.

Development of resources for young Africans can begin to develop their ideas at the same university will be important to start new businesses and jobs in the continent.

Promote entrepreneurship and enterprise development through training, etc… courses in leadership, entrepreneurship, business plan etc…

Develop research on business creation and entrepreneurship among university students from multi-discipline, providing new business models and innovative strategies in the current socioeconomic field.

 Africans brains can develop their proyects in their own African universities

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Incubators in Brazil

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning …

Sites in the history of  incubators in Brazil for the people want to undertake. An incubator is a proyect or enterprise that aims at the creation or development of small or micro enterprises and supporting them in their earliest stages of life.

The incubator is the most suitable environment for the emergence of healthy companies. The failure of some companies is that they do not have enough information when they begin their journey. In this regard, the incubator provides the appropriate medium. Even offers space, plus  a number of escort services and training.

The main task of an incubator is to develop and strengthen entrepreneurship. In 1998, incubators are doubled, the growth is due to the support extended by the Sebrae (Brazilian Service to Support Micro and Small Enterprises) . This service, beginning in 1998, began to have specific programs to support new incubators.

The number of incubators in Brazil in 2005 was 283. (Dates based on an interview with Sheila Oliveira Pires, executive director of ANTROPEC. (National Association of entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises)

A listing of some of the incubator for entrepreneurs (data from Universia) .

Incubation company support to entrepreneurs

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13 January 2009 at 11:37

Why invest time and money in proyects?

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee in the morning  I was thinking of reasons to invest the time and money on a proyect …

If we refer for example to invest our  leisure time  in volunteering , to convey our knowledge to someone who has motivation  for the proyect and awareness   for their commnunity is a unique experience that will enable you to acquire professional and personal experience.

Lets meet new people, different cultures , languages etc..

As for the party to invest capital  is an alternative for investors, sometimes they do so because of the attractiveness of the proyect,  because they believe in the spirit of enterprising business, there are many reasons for believing in a proyect..

This investment  attracts because your inversion would generate employment for the community , involving people in the community this will enable the development of other communities.

It will improve the economy of families in this way the economic benefits will remain in the communities by giving the a good community and a better quality of  life.

There are many reasons to invest our time and money in a business proyect…

Best regards,


Professional techniques to make your competitive office

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mireyaGood Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee in the morning…

I was thinking about all the entrepreneurs who start with a small office, I would like to speak today of how to make this small office will be  professional with the time , you need to have a renewed  and modern office when the company   begin be bigger,  it is a matter of marketing and positioning.

There are small businesses that start with 1 or 2 employees but then they grow up we need to adapt to the new situation.

It is not only necessary to recruit professional people but also people who give you completely trust.

Came a moment that you have to delegate tasks , the customer will usually like you have in the office more than one person to solve the problems, came a moment that you can not cover everything.

People looking for  with different profiles that are not all equal for to get better resultats.

When the office grows is very important to know the organization and management to continue getting good results.

The renewal of the office is the key to development proyect.

Best regards,