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Social Networks: useful tool for entrepreneurs

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Good Morning friends,

Social Networks are useful tool for entrepreneurs in a variety of ways:

Public relations : entrepreneurs are aware of the imporatance of social networks to have a good network of contacts.

Throught of social Media will know other interesting people for your project, possible partnerships, collaborations or learn new developments in its industry, as well as see what others are doing.

You  can  use them for Marketing : the use the virtual media permit build advertising message with imagination et cheaper.

They are useful for the internalization of your project too.

Famous Social Network  :  Facebook, Sonico, Myspace, Linkedin, Xing, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Orkut.

More useful in Latinoamerica: mySpace, hi5, Google’s Orkut, Facebook[

Take adventage with  social networks for your project
Best regards,

Mireya Garcia

The importance of Public relations in your business

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffe in the morning …

These days I have been researching for serveing the public relations in our business.  The public relations bring everythings to our business.

I think that public relations are important in small and large business, is the art of managing communication and public to provide, manage and maintain their positive image of your proyect.

Tools to achieve this through the organization of events,lobbying, corporate social responsability plans and relationships with the media.

Public relations can provide several benefits. Promotion of good credibility and gives more exposure to your business and can even result in direct sales through interviews with the media or speaking at conferences and cultivating a reputation eventrations online.

International Associacions

American Advertising Federation (AAF)

American Marketing Association (AMA)

International Public Relations Association (IPRA)

Conféderation Européene des Relations Publiques (CERP)

The art of the public relations

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18 March 2009 at 10:00

Yourself can be your communications and public relations agency

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee in the morning…

Communication, adversiting and public relations a large market for an exciting profession,creative and necessary for your business.

Getting visibility, enhance the brand and communicating is a challenge for your company. Search for creativity in all parts of the world need to show value and professionalism at all times.

Using techniques of marketing, appealing to the information, define and commnicate your message effectively creating magazines,catalogs,adversiting,emails,web design and so on …Having a variety of skills to ensure that all this is efficient.

Find the message that we want to convey, should be the identification, the essence of the company, should convey its mission and vision. Second planning, ways to use and carry it out.

The business spending on communication,trying to talk to their markets, is a considerable expense. Cut costs by using messages clear, specific and why should decide for your brand, adapt your message to the lifestyle of your customers, bring innovation, created in the same language used by clients goals.

Define who we are in our message and we offer …


Best regards,


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28 November 2008 at 9:53