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Optimization of Google searches

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google-suggestGood morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning …

Well come to be informed …Many people  is familiar with Google, Yahoo ..! But they do not know  how, and what is worse is that we do not know all you can do with them.

There is growing interest in the techniques of search engine positioning. They start out as the words SEO and SEM and have an interest to appear on search engines.

SEO is something to be technically difficult and we must have a basic knowledge of programming and marketing. But to promote a product or a website should not be an expert. Search engines have a super simple, with some tools which are chosen keywords and is already online.

There will be a time when the main investment in marketing is online , it can go directly to the customer who wants to come, social networks, search engines or the blogesfere  allow only pay for advertising that reaches people who may be interested in the product.

You can also measure the impact of the campaing: On the Internet you can measure everything: the impact of visitors you’ve had, how long the stayed on your website, who is the person you came, your profile,age,sex ..and this is a huge weapon for sale.

Learning how to optimaze search results,  it can help you

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Written by forachance

16 January 2009 at 14:13