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One third of the world’s entrepreneurs are women

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In countries with low income levels there are almost as many womens as men entrepreneurs.

Gem Women 2006 estimated that in the world for more than a third of the people who are involved in entrepreuneurial activity are women. The motivation for women entrepreneurs varies widely depending on whether we are talking about countries the main motivation for starting a business is usually “opportunity” in underdeveloped countries often “need”.

For the women who works and  knows a work environment is easier to be decide to make a business and undertake.

La participation of women in the labor force has increased in recent decades significantly.

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Encourage entrepreneurship in your country

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How are you? Have you enterprising spirit? 

“Generation of new business, creating new jobs, the new future = generate wealth”

But the question is what can we do to that in a country born entrepreneurs, to build  a country with enthusiastic entrepreneurs with good ideas, wanting to enable their idea, with motivation and leadership.

  •  Promote entrepreneurship in schools, because a society where the option is to create a professional company and the employee is equalizing, is a modern and advanced entrepreneurial.
  • Development of methodologies and tools to develop innovative capabilities and entrepreneurial skills in the run university and vocational training centers.
  • Development   policies from the government and institutions with innovative programs, promoting access to financial capital that allows new concrete projects and investments.

    Undertake is to generate wealth


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9 October 2008 at 9:08

International marketing plan

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Good Morning friends,

How are you today? With my first coffee of the morning was thinking on the mix marketing plan, for all those going to undertake.

As we know the mix marketing plan is a series of actions in four key areas of the enterprise : Product, price, promotion and distribution: must interact with each other which aim to facilitate the company to get business objects within a given time.

Analyze the marketing strategies that will allow you to decide what, how, when and where to develop its strategys. The 99% of the information is on the Web

Before taking decisions should put in order the ideas. Points to consider: accessibility to the market, considering the risks, sources of information, differentiation of competition etc.

” Learning to do the mix marketing plan before undertaking the business”

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Business Opportunities- Africa

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Good Morning Friends,

Are there business opportunities in Africa?


There is a growing interest in the African continent and their expectations of business. Undertake a business in Africa is not easy, because we must know the risks and the market.


The significant growth of African economies in recent years (an annual average of 6.5%), has aroused a genuine interest in the African continent globally.


There have never been so many summits on the African continent as in the past five years.

It has triggered a real “africamania” which is explained by the vast wealth of the African continent in raw materials essential to sustaining global growth.


But it is mainly in the business environment so that triggered the volume of direct investments in many African countries.

A country such as Ghana for example that appears in the Doing Business 2008 World Bank, as a third country (worldwide) that has improved its ability to attract investment.


“Complex  and profound changes of international situation and the advance globalization”


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Undertake leads to development

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Good   Morning   friends,

With my first coffee of the morning…” Undertake is a good way for development“.

Societies dominated by political corruption, taxes and regulations, innovators must overcome enormous challenges to undertake.

Inspiration examples of entrepreneurs collects Alvaro Vargas Llosa in his book “lessons of the poor,” says their cases, which shows that this research is the need to undertake and the desire to live in the poor are sometimes able to overcome all obstacles.

Open  markets that are now closed to products from underdeveloped countries that precede it, according to economists the best possible assistance that rich countries can take to promote development in Africa and Latin Americas 

Of the two most backward regions in the world, in Asia, except for areas such as Myanmar, seems to have already off.


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