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Ability to understand others realities

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Good Morning friends,

Today I want to stop and make a post for you, a post thanking all users who daily to visit me.

After several months that I’m writing this blog every time I fell better.

Actually I think about the possibility to make some changes on design,categories of blog. What do you think about it? Comments are welcome.

Initially established with the idea of talking about the behaviors in the global economic and social in Latin America,Africa and India. Now I think that I have to  specialize more it  and approach to the entrepreneurs and international cooperation in these continents.

We can change things up a bit  in this world each in its context.

See the video  ..

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Education and financing for the women in Africa

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Good Morning friends,

Education in Africa  and financing is very important for the  women’s.

The womens  play an important role in  the family economy of much of Africa, the inability to access the financial system has meant that many entrepreneurs started their current course through this system of funding. This is the case for the presidency of the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs ( FCEM). ( for example America latina )

Now be widely known as microcredit to start small business personal, family or co-operative and where women are often the main beneficiaries. As the institution the World Bank more representative of Women, founded by Ghana.

Education and development of microcredit for women contributes to the development

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16 March 2009 at 17:44

Microcredits for women: Latinoamérica

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Good Morning friends,

How are you today?

The areas of the world that are more entrepreneurial activity by women are Latin America and the Caribbean.In the labour market Americas Latina women earn wages equivalent to 68% of male earnings.

Microcredit’s are an aid to enable women to escape poverty and enter the world of business.If governments, multilateral banks and allow us access to credits and facilitate the legal procedures for start-ups will have a world with less poverty and more developed.

To promote microcredit programmers for women entrepreneurs  to finance business projects with favorable terms and without guarantees.

“The principle of this proposal is not making money but if you do well to people”.

Nice day,