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Ability to understand others realities

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Good Morning friends,

Today I want to stop and make a post for you, a post thanking all users who daily to visit me.

After several months that I’m writing this blog every time I fell better.

Actually I think about the possibility to make some changes on design,categories of blog. What do you think about it? Comments are welcome.

Initially established with the idea of talking about the behaviors in the global economic and social in Latin America,Africa and India. Now I think that I have to  specialize more it  and approach to the entrepreneurs and international cooperation in these continents.

We can change things up a bit  in this world each in its context.

See the video  ..

Best regards,


Youth Business International in the world

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning …

The Youth Business International is the organization with a network of 37 programs for young entrepreneurs throughout the world by helping young people to start their business.

YBI provides access to capital and business advice for young people who have a business idea.

In a non profit organization that has helped create more than 95,000 successful start-ups, which in turn have provided employment to hundreds of thousands of people. In 2008, YBI network has helped more than 6000 entrepreneurs, achieving a growth of over 37%.

Youth Business International is in differents countries around the world … events

  – YBI Global Conference

 – Entrepreneur of the Year Competition

 – Global Forum on Youth Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs,mentors,supporters,managers around the world

Best regards,